[Job Summary]
1. Sales Target 달성을 위한 영업 전략 수립
2. 사업부 서비스에 대한 Field Sales
 - 전기전자제품군의 UL/CB 시험 및 인증 서비스
3. 신규 고객 및 신규 시장 발굴 (IoT, Automotive)
4. Key Account 관리 및 신규 비즈니스 제안
5. 주요 협력 Test Agency와의 협업을 통한 중소기업 고객 발굴 및 시장 확대
6. 시장 트렌드, 경쟁사 동향, 고객 니즈 파악을 통한 지속적 영업 전략 수립 및 실행
7. Sales Order 및 Revenue Forecast
8. 고객 불만 및 이슈 해결


[Job Description]
1. Identifies and pursues prospects through various lead generated activities, including tradeshow, direct mailing, advertising, cold-calling, on key industry players and referral program.
2. Meets with prospects to understand their purchase decision makers, decision making process criteria, and their needs.
3. Develops sales presentations for potential new clients. Leads the sales presentations in support of growing the clientele for ULs services.
4. Responsible for meeting with and presenting to the highest profile/potential clients.
5. Provides value propositions, handles objections, prepares quotes, and closes sales by getting prospects’ commitments.
6. Retains existing customers that are not managed by account management teams.
7. Identifies and resolves a wide range of issues with little or no supervision.
8. Coaches and mentors lower level staff on effective direct sales skills and sales processes.
9. Supports junior staff in the identification and evaluation of important customer information.
10. Performs other duties as directed.


– Education: 4년제 대졸 / 공학계열 (전기공학, 전자공학 우대)
– Experience: 최소 5년~10년 이하의 전기전자 안전인증업무 또는 기술영업 경력
 * Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) 업계 경력자 우대
 * IoT, Automotive 업계 영업 경력 우대
– Business English / Customer oriented mind / Good communication skill


[Application Guide]

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  • 이메일 지원
    – 제출서류: 국영문이력서 및 자기소개서
    – 접수방법: ​hr.kr@ul.com으로 이메일 접수