[Job Summary]

1. Small Applianaces(소형가전제품)의 안전인증 업무 수행
– 제품 구조 및 기술 사양 검토
– 고객 니즈와 제품 요구사항에 부합하는 프로젝트 scope 결정, 비용 및 일정 관리
– 파일 및 제품 정보 검토, 샘플 시험, UL 규격 검토를 통한 적합한 시험 프로그램 제안 및 시험 입회
– 결과 평가 및 성적서 작성
2. 프로젝트 기술 이슈 관련 고객과의 커뮤니케이션 진행
3. 내외부 시험소 및 해외 엔지니어와의 협업
4. 고객 니즈에 적합한 UL 서비스 제안 및 안내
5. 신규기술 및 서비스에 대한 소개 및 기술 세미나 제공


[Job Description]

Project Handling
– Conclude on own project scope and develop a preliminary plan of investigation accordingly.
– Determine the project specifications such as time and sample requirements by analyzing our clients input, supplemental data and product construction.
– Discuss with clients’ technical issues, explain procedures and requirements and negotiate completion date and sample requirements.
– Establish appropriate test programs by reviewing files and manufacturer’s information, examining samples, and applying Standard requirements.
– Notify client of any areas in which the product is not in compliance or of any changes in project scope or specifications.
– Coordinate or conduct laboratory activities by preparing data sheets, scheduling and establishing completion dates.
– In some cases, independently conduct trials in internal and external laboratories.
– Communicate project status and results to clients through frequent contact and by preparing reports in English.
– Support Small appliances divisions in oversea to coordinate GMA (particular KC mark) application with local Certification Office (e.g. KTL or KTC)
– Maintain knowledge or and communicate quickly changes within the Korean regulatory environment applicable to the Small Appliances industry.

Business Development Support

– Liaise with sales staff for compiling business solution/proposal.
– Lead and chair the customer business or project meeting.
– Participate in customer events, exhibitions and marketing activities in Korea.
– Support the local team development for expanding market shares.
– Conduct market analysis and identify target customers, in conjunction with regional sales.
– Visit target customers to discuss UL services and customer needs.


[Job Requirements]
– 학력 : 대졸 이상 (4년) – 전기공학 또는 전자공학 전공 우대
– 경력 : 하기 제품군 관련 연구개발, 제품인증 또는 품질인증 최소 3년 이상 경력자 우대
a) Air cleaning/filtering appliances (공기청정기 등)
b) Vacuum and floor cleaning appliances (청소기 등)
c) Kitchen and cooking appliances (믹서기, 블랜더, 쥬서기 등)
d) Personal health care and grooming appliances (헬스케어 및 미용기기 – 피부마사지기, 헤어드라이어/고데기 등)
– Good understanding in UL, IEC standards (e.g. UL 1082, UL 1026, IEC 60335, etc.) and regulations. (Experience in Software evaluation to UL / IEC / EN 60730 is preferred.)
– Good in Spoken and Written English and Korean.
– Well organized and effective communication skills with project stakeholders to develope project scopes, objectives, and project plan.
– Good interpersonal skills with customers and stakeholders
– Occasional travel may be required


[Application Guide]

  • 이메일 지원
    – 제출서류: 국문이력서 및 자기소개서, 영문이력서(필수)
    – 접수방법: ​hr.kr@ul.com으로 이메일 접수