자료 (Information and Documents)

  • 사용자 매뉴얼
  • 회로도
  • PWB 패턴도
  • Parts List
  • 기기 및 Label(name plate)의 의장 사항
  • 주요부품관련 승인서
    Transformer, X-capacitor, Y-capacitor, Varistor, Surge suppressor, Inlet, Outlet, Power switch, Power Supply, Inverter, Power Supply Cord, Strain Relief, PWB, Power relay, Motor, Heater, Fuse, Fuse-holder, CD/DVD Laser diode, CRT, FBT, DY(Deflection York), CRT Socket, Optical Isolator, Lead and Cable, Overload protection devise, Adhesive, Battery or Battery Packs, Voltage selector, EMI Filter, Diode, Switch, Interconnecting Cable, Heatisnk, Label Material, PTC, Voltage Select Switch, Inductor
  • 재질증명자료
    Enclosure, Insulation/Barrier material, Control/button/shaft, Connector 등 기기에 사용된 모든 Plastic material
  • 사양서
    Transformer, Line Filter, Motor, Inverter 등


  • Complete Samples (Minimum 3 EA)
  • Bare PWB
  • Label (Name plate)
  • Unvarnished/Varnished Transformer
  • Components
    (이상 시험 후 수리를 위해 사용될 부품. 트랜스포머, Fuse, line filter, Diode, Transistor, Electrolytic Capacitor, 저항 등)
  • 기기 사용과 관련된 Accessory