[Job Summary]
1. GM 및 본사 Finance VP 를 support하여 Financial results의 다양한 각도의 분석을 통한 business insight 제공.
2. Financial data 에 근거한 business 현황 및 예측에 대해 분석하고 각 부서와의 적극적인 communication을 통한 개선방안 협의
3. 영업 및 엔지니어링 부서와의 협력을 통해 비즈니스 전략수립 지원, 개선 및 메니지먼트 팀과 실행방안 모색
4. Accounting, C&C 등 shared service 부서의 matrix manager로서 전반적인 가이드를 제공
5. Local GM 에게 business status 에 대한 분석리포트를 제공


[Job Description]
1. Directly report to and get the direction from Finance VP, International and support Regional GM for the Strategy development/execution and business analysis/operation from financial perspective
2. Manages extraction of data from the system and the analysis and compilation of reports.
3. Evaluates the financial impacts of opportunities, which includes projected ROI, Payback period for proposed capital expenditures or other investment.
4. Manages budget and forecast and interprets the positive and negative impacts financial budgets and forecasts will have on the company and recommends solutions to improve organization profitability based on the results.
5. Support business strategies in cooperation with local Sales & Operation and regional & international leadership team
6. Provide a solution and guidance over various finance and accounting issue related to AP, AR, GL, Tax, Audit, Treasury etc. as a dotted manager.
7. Responsible for Cash forecast management


[Job Requirements]
1. Above University graduate, major in Business Administration or Accounting
2. Finance analysis and business strategy development experiences are required.
3. Multi-national company experience is preferred.
4. Matrix organization experience is preferred.
5. Demonstrated ability to extract data from Financial systems
6. Min 15 year work experience in various finance and accounting field.
7. Excellent in Excel and MS Office
8. Good Command in English

[Application Guide]

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