[Job Summary]

전기전자기기 및 무선기기 EMC/RF 시험원

– 엔지니어의 관리하에 제품의 출력 확인 및 방사 측정 일부 항목
– 엔지니어의 관리하에 데이터 정리 및 입력 등의 성적서 작성에 대한 보조 업무

<주요 사용 장비>
전자파 무반사실 (방사 챔버) 및 Call simulator, Spectrum Analyzer

<시험 제품>
– 전기전자기기: PC, 모니터 등의 전자회로가 있는 기기
– 무선기기: 휴대폰, 태블릿, PDA 등 무선 기능이 탑재된 기기


[Job Description]

1. Follows basically defined test plans and datasheets. Evaluates test performance and sample operation to properly evaluate test results. Records and explains test results and completes test report.
2. Examines less complex customer samples and learns to operate appropriate tests for each case. Communicates with customers during setup and operation to ensure proper evaluation.
3. Reads and understands specific test standards and testing technology for scope of responsibility.
4. Operates and maintains simple test equipment appropriately to measure and test customer samples. Performs simple maintenance on designated test equipment and laboratory area. May perform basic calibration of test equipment
5. Operates with minimal supervision within defined limits of responsibility.
6. Integrates basic continuous improvement concepts and techniques into all aspects of the job. Communicates with management and technical staff to provide suggestions for new equipment, processes, and forms to improve accuracy and efficiencies.
7. Performs other duties as directed.


[Job Requirements]

– Education: 초대졸 이상 / 공학계열 전공 필수 (무선통신, 고주파, 전자공학, 전기공학, 정보통신공학 전공 우대)
– Experience: 신입 가능 / 2년 이하의 유관 경력자 우대
– Language: 비즈니스 영어 가능자
– 교대근무 가능자


[Application Guide]

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