전선 및 케이블 제품군

Aluminum Wire Stock-Conductor Mat. DVVR2
Appliance Wiring Material AVLV2
Appliance Wiring Material Certified For Canada – Component- AVLV8
Armored Cable AWEZ
Automotive Booster Cable AZYC
Boat Cable BDFX
Communication Cable Assemblies DUNH
Communications Cable DUZX
Communications Cable Certified For Canada DUZX7
Community Antenna Television Cable DVCS
Computer Interconnection Cable Assemblies DVPJ
Cord Sets & Interconnect. Cords Class. In Accord. With IEC Pubs. EKVI
Cord Sets & Power Supply Cords ELBZ
Cord Sets Provided With Leakage Current Detect. & Interruption ELGN2
Data Transmission Cable Class. In Accord. With Natl. or Intl. Specs. DVBI
Data-Processing Cables EMRB
Decorative Lighting Harness DGWY2
F C Cable GQKT
Fire Resistive Cables FHJR
Fixture Wire ZIPR
Flat Conductor Cable-Type FCC IKKT
Flexible Cord ZJCZ
Flexible Cord Certified for Canada ZJCZ7
Flexible Stage & Lighting Power Cable ILPH
Gas Tube Sign & Ignition Cable ZJQX
Hoistway Cable MSZR
InstrumentationTray Cable NYTT
Irrigation Cable OFFY
Irrigation Cable Assemblies OFJZ
Limited Combustible Cable OWKZ
Local Area Network (LAN) Cable DUZX
Machine-Tool Wire ZKHZ
Manufactured Wiring Systems QQVX
Marina & Boatyard Cable PDYQ
Medium-Voltage Cable, Class. in Accord. with 1072, with Metric Conductor Sizes PIVW
Medium-Voltage Cable PITY
Metal-Clad Cable PJAZ
Metal-Clad Cable Class. in Accord. with IEC Pubs. PJHY
Metal-Clad Cable for Haz. Loc. PJPP
Metal-Clad Cable, Class. to UL 1569, with Metric Conductor Sizes PJPJ
Mineral Insulated Metal Sheathed Cable PPKV
Mobile Home Pipe Heating Cables KQVU
Network Powered Broadband Communications Cable PWIP
Non-Power Limited Fire Alarm Cable HNHT
Optical Fiber Cable QAYK
Optical Fiber Cable Certified for Canada QAYK7
Optical Fiber Cable, Field Assembled QAZD
Optical Fiber Cable Verified in Accordance with Natl. or Intl. Specs QAZI
Optical Fiber Branching Devices QBEA
Optical Fiber Branching Devices Verified in Accordance with Natl. or Intl. Specs QBEN
Optical Fiber Cable Assemblies & Connectors QBFA
Optical Fiber Cable Assem. & Conn. Verified in Accordance w/ Natl. or Intl. Specs QBFN
Plenum Cable Compounds QMTM2
Polymeric Matls. for Use in Wire & Cable QMTT2
Portable Power Cables QPMU
Portable Power Cables Certified for Canada QPMU7
Power & Control Tray Cable QPOR
Power and Control Tray Cable Certified for Canada QPOR7
Power Cable Assemblies QPPL
Power Limited Circuit Cable QPTZ
Power Limited Fire Alarm Cable HNIR
Power Supply Cords for Use with Christmas Tree & Dec.-Lighting Outfits DGYS2
Processed Wire ZKLU
Reels, Cord & Cable SBCV
Residential Pipe Heating Cables KQYI
Seasonal Use Cord Sets ELEV
Service Entrance Cable TYLZ
Shipboard Cable UBVZ
Shore Power Cable Sets, Marine with Natl or Intl Specs. UBWW
Structured Cabling Programs VZYY
Levels XP Structured Cabling Program VZZL
Proprietary Structured Cabling Programs VZZX
Thermoplastic-Insulated Wire ZLGR
Thermoplastic-insulated Wire Certified for Canada ZLGR7
Thermoset-Insulated Wire ZKST
Thermoset Insulated Wires Certified for Canada ZKST7
Traffic Signal Cable XNTL
Underground Feeder & Branch Circuit Cable YDUX
Welding Cable ZMAY
Wires, Miscellaneous ZMHX
Wire, Miscellaneous Certified for Canada ZMHX7
Wiring Assemblies QQYZ
Wiring Harnesses ZPFW2