규격명 규격 (Scope) CCN
Amusement and Gaming Machines UL 22 ASMU
Standard for Safety for Musical Instruments and Accessories UL 469 PWHZ
Commercial Audio Equipment UL 813 AZJX
Standard for Transformer and Motor Transformers for Use in Audio-, Radio-, and Television-Type Appliances UL 1411 FQGS2
Fusing Resistors and Temperature-Limited Resistors for Radio- and Television-Type Appliances UL 1412 FPEW2
High-Voltage Components for Television-Type Appliances UL 1413 WZVQ2
Across-the-Line, Antenna-Coupling, and Line-By-Pass Capacitors for Radio- and Television-Type Appliances UL 1414 FOWX2
Special Fuses for Radio- and Television-Type Appliances UL 1417 FQCT2
Professional Video and Audio Equipment UL 1419 ZCBY
Audio Video Products and Accessories UL 1492 AZUJ
Tall Institutional Carts for Use with Audio-, Video- and Television-Type Equipment UL 1667 CZWK
Discharge Path Resistors UL 1676 FPAV2
Household, Commercial and Professional-Use Carts and Stands UL 1678 CZUV
Commercial Closed Circuit Television Equipment UL 2044 DRQH
Audio/Video and Musical Instrument Apparatus for Household, Commercial and Similar General Use UL 6500 AZSQ
UL Standard for Safety for Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus – Safety Requirements UL 60065 AZSQ
Mechanical Safety for Cathode Ray Tubes UL 61965 NCQI2